How to get and install free SSL Certificate

Simple and easy way od making it for free

Recently I have been asked to install some SSL and "if it is possible to get it for free". Well, my time isn't free (still need to eat something and pay my rent;)) but certificate can be acquired for free. On this tutorial I am going to show you how to install SSL certificate for your website for free. The tutorial is more about showing you the opportunity of using LetsEncrypt rather than technical details(not much of it as it is morstly copy&paste).

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Free versus Paid

I am not saying companies that issue paid SSL are scammers. Remember that certificate issued by the proper authority not only guarantees you safety but also there is insurance. In case someone breaks in you would be able to get some compensation. Going with paid cert is perfectly fine (or even necessary) for companies.

Private person or a startup may not want to invest in expensive certs and here comes LetsEncrypt. It is backed by large companies and perfectly fine, free of charge SSL.

Log in to your server

As above - log in to your server using SSH client(if you are using WIndows).

Update all the necessary stuff as required (you can setup automatic updates but this will be in another post).

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Read the docs

Visit and read about the various ways on installation. Donate if you like(this will keep it free for longer).

 I am trying to donate something every time I use it.

Install and run Certbot

Simple visit and select the System you are using from the drop-down(as on the image).

The rest is just copying and pasting the code.

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