Changing the region of Amazon EC2 Server

Step by step tutorial

This is an easy operation. Follow the following 3 steps:

1) Create an image of the instance you want to move. Simply right-click on the instance and choose Image / Create Image.

2) Copy Image to another region (country). Go to the Images/AMIs section. You will see an Image created earlier. Check the box next to it and click "Actions" button, then "Copy AMI". You will be asked about the destination of copy.

3) Run the server in new place. In order to do this, you need to switch the view to a location that you moved the server. In the top right corner choose the location from the list:

When you are there go to the Images / AMIs list and Launch the server (you can refer to image in point 2).

IMPORTANT: You can't move Elastic IP to another region. That is why you will have to create a new elastic IP in the target destination and assign it to the server. If it is working server remember to point the domain to the new IP by updating DNS records. In some cases DNS records won't update instantly, that means you should plan the migration carefully.