Odoo The following fields are invalid: Account Receivable, Account Payable

How to solve error preventing you from adding a new customer

If you just started your work with Odoo you may have came across the error "Odoo The following fields are invalid: Account Receivable, Account Payable" while trying to add a new customer or edit existing. This tutorial is going to show you how to solve error preventing you from adding a new customer.

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Where is it comes from?

The error is related to accounting not set up correctly. Odoo is looking for the chart of accounts configuration that is precising the "Accounts Payable" and "Account Receivable".

This is not only necessary for Odoo to work correctly but also for your accounting entries being written correctly

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Solution (harder way)

Navigate to Invoicing App(or Accounting App) and make sure all the stuff like journals is set up correctly.

Without this being done correctly you may face the problems with the Revenue.

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Easy fix

You can go to the Apps and install Chart of accounts pre-made by Odoo for your Country

This would solve the issue and you will be sure that all of the charts are preset correctly.

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There is more

I strongly recommend to get a proper literature when it comes to Odoo Accounting.

I had this great opportunity to read the good book on Accounting in Odoo (link below). By buying  this book you also support CierTech and this Blog.